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Colleen Heauser's career in music began during her college years when she taught herself how to play guitar. She later graduated from Sacramento State University with a BA in Communications an emphasis in Public Relations and minor in Digital Video and then embarked on her musical journey.

Colleen always had a love for all genres of music and  a love for words. "They can devastate and destroy someone, but they can also piece someone back together. Words are unbelievably powerful, the only words you'll regret are the ones you left unsaid, or in my case unsung. When people see me at my most vulnerable and powerful state and the moment is just right, I feel them see themselves through me and my lyric, it’s beautiful.”

"Being a songwriter, you don't do it for recognition, you do it because you have something to say, to share and to feel with others. As an artist, that is my purpose. Music is my passion."

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Alex Reiff started playing bass around the time he joined his junior high jazz band and continued through high school. He majored in jazz studies at CSUS and keeps playing bass because, frankly, who isn't All About That Bass? Some of his favorite artists are Charlie Haden, Tom Waits, Bilal Oliver, and John Coltrane.

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