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 “You can go your own way, some might say that you’re insane, but shine anyway” sings Northern California-born, Colleen Heauser on “Dancing in the Rain,” the lead single from her self-titled LP set to drop in summer of 2016. Her dynamic range that can growl soulfully one moment and twangily howl the next. It’s an honest performance from an artist and writer who stands out for the singular point of view, sheer creativity and fearless approach to music she’s developed since she began performing and writing in her college years. Using the boldest colors from across many genres as her palate and country as her canvas, Heausers’ stories are vivid paintings that can be gleefully fun, tearfully heartbreaking and a perfect balance of modern and timeless.


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About Colleen...

Some say you have two lives to live. The first starting on the day you enter the world and the second starting on the day you realize you only actually have one life to live. I'm blessed to say I've begun the voyage that is the story of my "second"  life. 

One life to live. What will you do with it? Four pretty powerful words when put together right? For me, I want to effect people, make them feel not alone for 3 minutes and 52 seconds of their day. Help them feel the moment, the music, the lyric on a Friday evening. I want to help people realize ALL oftheir beauty and feel courageous enough to show it to the world. That's what I'll do with my life.

I believe myself to have an old soul, in fact, I may belong in a different generation entirely according to those facebook quizzes... you know the ones, "Which friends character are you?" "If you were a Disney princess?" and so on, but if I were born in a different generation, I may not have been inspired like I am by all those in generations past. I find the people who have made a difference to the world to be so brave and courageous.  I take and learn from their journey's on earth. Their ways, songs, leadership and WORDS are enough to study for a lifetime.

Just as important as the words we choose to say, I also have learned that listening is one of the best tools given to us, it feels beautiful to be heard, I like giving that to people.

I love my cat named Isabel, she's purrfect (pun intended). My socks never match, I love pink, teal, gold and sparkles, my favorite number is 35, and if it's chocolate, I love it.

I grew up listening to all genres of music. My mom loved Madonna and Joe Cocker so inevitability, I loved Madonna and Joe Cocker. Growing up I listened to everything from Shania Twain to Bob Segar. These days, I'm literally obsessed with someone new everyday. I purchase music like it's my job. But I LOVE to support my colleagues doing what they love.

Now to you reading this, or anyone else who has spent five minutes on me in some way, listening to just one song, or watching one of my videos, or coming out to a show…. Thank you. I love you to the moon and back.